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Reusing and recycling garden materials

Thinking about and creating a recycling garden requires a different approach to creating and designing. Recycling means working from the material, rather than from the garden.  By reusing materials, an unnecessary burden on the environment is avoided. Think of less supply and disposal, waste processing and the production of new materials.

Processing green waste in the garden

Even green waste can be processed in the garden. For example, by making a wooded embankment in which branches are piled up or a mulch layer in the border of chippings and leaves. This provides food and protection for insects and small animals and contributes to biodiversity. A balanced whole is created because there are more varieties of birds and insects in the garden. This also suppresses any plagues and diseases.

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A garden with its own character

When you start looking differently, you see more and more possibilities and you become more creative. The garden also acquires its own character. Unique and with its own story.

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Recycle Garden?

Upcycling of materials

The reuse of old materials is called 'upcycling'. Old materials are given a new function. In addition to old tiles, branches and bricks, you can also think of waste wood, demolition and construction materials and all kinds of utensils.

Old materials in a new garden

Finding a new function for these materials in the garden is a fun challenge. Stones become stacking walls or stone baskets, roof tiles become border edges or wall finishes and residual wood becomes part of the garden fence, a seat or a birdhouse.

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