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Garden design

A beautiful garden starts with a good garden design. We are happy to come and visit you for this. During an initial discussion, without any obligation, we will exchange ideas extensively. We investigate the wishes, possibilities and start working on them.

Garden ideas

After all, a new garden starts by talking about it and exchanging ideas. On the basis of your wishes and the predefined budget, a global sketch is made during the conversation. If your thoughts are in agreement and we have a click, we will bring your wishes down on paper in the form of a concept sketch with a first provisional estimate. This sketch gives the main outlines, functions and a good overall picture. So you know what you may expect from the design of your garden.

Tuinontwerp, Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

Tuinontwerp, Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

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Garden design?

Final garden design

Once the last changes have been made, the final design will be drawn up. If the work requires it, we will make a dimensional plan, detailed drawings and a planting plan. One or more 3D drawings are optional. If you find it difficult to imagine your new garden, this can be a good tool. At the presentation of the design, we show all the materials that will be used in the garden, together with the proposed planting.

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Garden design?

Sketch design for gardens

The sketch plan, which includes all the elements discussed, serves as a guideline. It is a nice first step towards a new garden. Discussing the concept sketch and the preliminary estimate is an important next step. In this phase, you decide whether it meets your expectations and whether you want to go ahead with it. Your approval of the concept sketch and the estimate is the starting signal for the garden to be fully developed.

The design of the garden

Depending on the scope of the work, the elaboration is done by an experienced garden designer or landscape architect. Astrum only works with experienced professionals. If it concerns a modest garden, we do this work ourselves. Many issues are taken into account such as the environment, important elements in the garden, the location of the garden, the style of the house, the interior, sustainability and biodiversity. The design bundles all the collected information and gives the garden a more definite form.

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