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Working method Astrum Groen

Working method Astrum garden and landscaping services

Our business is based on CSR (corporate social responsibility). This enables us - based on sustainability - to deliver tailor-made solutions to various target groups.

We work in the city areas of The Hague, Delft, Zoetermeer, Rotterdam and Leiden. Is your region not listed? Do not hesitate to ask about the possibilities.

Landscaping is one of the specialities of Astrum. But we do much more, such as the maintenance of garden or outdoor space. From our expertise we gladly advise you on execution, approach, methods and techniques. Click on the link below for more information.

One garden is not the other; the same goes for the use of a garden. Therefore it is important to first make an inventory of the wishes, requirements and ideas for a new garden or garden renovation. These always form the basis for a good advice on laying or maintenance. Astrum has a lot of knowledge and experience. Over the years, we specialised more and more in the green sector.

Plan of approach

After you have contacted us, we will schedule a first appointment in the near future. After the meeting, we will clearly set out all the requirements, wishes and possibilities for your new garden. Do you like our plan of approach, then we would like to proceed as soon as possible.

Werkwijze Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

Vakbekwame hoveniers, Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

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Project planning

When carrying out a garden project, we make a planning - in mutual agreement. In doing so, we take into account changing periods in our other work activities and the weather conditions.

Communication about the execution

We carry out the work as agreed. During the work, we will keep you informed of any progress. This communication is also important if something unforeseen arises. In case of additional work, we will of course meet with you to discuss this. In all cases, Astrum provides a decent solution for supplementary work or less work.

Final check and aftercare

When we have finished our work, we will go through the whole work with you. If you are satisfied with what we have delivered, you sign the completion form. This forms the basis of our invoice. We are also happy to help you after the assignment has been completed. For example, after a year, we will assess the plants supplied by us for growth and vitality. This way, you are assured of a replacement guarantee.

Are you looking for a

competent landscaper?

Astrum can be called in for among other things the following work activities:

  • All occurring construction work
  • Planting, woodwork, paving, garden fencing and pond construction.
  • Garden technical implementation; sprinkling, soil retaining walls, lighting and masonry.
  • Ground work, soil improvement and preparation for planting.
  • Paving of the garden, terrace or garage path.
  • Installation of a green roof on all types of roofs; storage, house or garage.
  • Soil research for planting and fertilization.
  • Wood and carpentry work; pergolas, decking and sheet piling.
  • Planting advice, maintenance advice, delivery of planting and plantation.

Consumer/B2B terms and conditions

The quotation, assignment and work description are described as accurately as possible. The whole is supplemented by the Consumer/B2B terms and conditions of the Association of Horticulturists and Green Suppliers (VHG) to which Astrum is affiliated. When giving the assignment, we also make agreements about the invoicing and payment terms.

Member branch association VHG

Astrum garden and landscaping services is a member of the VHG, the Association of Horticulturists and Green Suppliers. As a VHG member, we apply the C- and B-conditions. Our membership offers the possibility of making use of the dispute committee if you feel that we have not performed our work properly. This is just to be on the safe side, because we do everything we can to have satisfied customers. In the unlikely event that something happens, please let us know.

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