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Themes Astrum Groen

Contemporary garden

Whether you have a small or a large garden, with a few simple adjustments, your garden can become a true paradise for birds, butterflies and small animals. The attraction becomes even greater if you follow the principles of The Living Garden. And we are happy to tell you which components make the best lures. With the right plants, flowers and fruit, every garden is irresistible.

Natural garden

It is a myth that a garden must necessarily have a natural character. Every garden, regardless of style, can become a living garden. And there is much to see and experience in such a garden. With the right adjustments and effort, many plant and animal species can live in your garden. Then your garden will also be an essential part of nature in the neighbourhood and the city. With a nature-friendly garden you contribute to a healthy living environment.

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Contemporary Garden?

Balance between living and experiencing

With these ingredients at hand, we will easily show you how the garden can be realised in relation to yourself, the house and the environment. And our gardens are all different. They are the result of finding balance: between beauty and function, between living and experiencing.

Enjoying your garden

Looking for added value in your garden? Create a Living Garden. A wonderful place to relax in busy times. Get closer to nature and be open to what nature has to offer. And the beauty of a garden is that we can create anything we want, from a sleek designer garden to a natural oasis. Always wanted to do something with green and gardens?  Then the principles of The Living Garden are a good start to achieve true enjoyment in the garden.

Easy in maintenance

No green fingers? No problem, a Living Garden is easy to maintain. We are happy to show you how you can work and think with nature.

Do you want a

Contemporary Garden?

To enjoy in your own garden

With a living garden you create a green contemporary garden. You not only provide for your own needs, but also those of birds, butterflies, bees, insects and small mammals. It is the Living Garden Principles that make your garden come to life. The principle of The Living Garden can be applied everywhere, in every garden and style.

A living painting 

Take the principles as a guideline and create your garden in the style you like best. Whether you choose rigid shapes and planes or playful organic forms is up to you. The greenery with all its scents and colours makes every garden a source of temptation for people and animals. So it is not only the design or style that makes the garden. It is merely a still life, a frame. Letting a garden live, feeling at home in it, requires the right ingredients.

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