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The weather: dryer, hotter and wetter

Climate adaptation and climate-proof gardens

The climate is changing. It is getting warmer and with peaks extremely hot. There are also longer periods of drought and periods of excessive precipitation. The weather is becoming noticeably more extreme, also in your own garden and surroundings. There is too much rainwater that has to go somewhere and at times it is just too hot to sit in your garden.

Climate-adaptive garden

In our urban environment, a petrified environment and garden design cause problems such as heat stress and flooding. You can prepare for the effects of heat, drought and increased precipitation by adapting your garden to the changing climate. If you are prepared, you will suffer less from these effects: it will be cooler in and around your home, your garden will survive dry periods and you will not have to deal with a flooded garden. That is a climate-proof garden.

Adapting gardens to the climate

Making gardens climate-proof seems like a small thing, but all the little things help. And 'many small ones make a big one'. There are many things you can do to make your garden climate proof. Such as replacing tiles with greenery and giving rainwater that falls on and around the house a place in your own garden so that it can run freely into the soil.

Greening your garden

Design your garden so that heat, drought and increased rainfall have less impact on you and your environment. You can also choose to make your surroundings greener. Choose a green roof, for example, or collect rainwater. You can get a subsidy for these measures from the Delfland Water Board. There are many possibilities with the garden.

A green garden

By making your garden and environment greener, you can make yourself more resilient to the effects of climate change. Green walls or green roofs can also contribute. A green garden has a cooling effect during periods of heat. The right ground cover helps to keep the soil moist during periods of drought. In periods of flooding, a green garden ensures that much of the rainwater can drain away into the ground. By organising your garden in the right way, you help to improve the climate in your own garden and the surrounding area. There are many possibilities; greenery provides coolness, it is pleasant to be in. Rainwater can find its way into the garden and reduce flooding.  

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Climate-proof garden

The green professional goes a step further than the 'ordinary' gardener. It is not just about the laying-out or maintenance of a new garden. They think about the possible contribution the garden can make to a climate-proof environment. A garden that contributes to biodiversity and is pleasant to be in.

It may involve a new garden, but also simple changes to an existing garden. Think of disconnecting your rain pipe, placing a water reservoir and creating an infiltration zone.

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