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Garden maintenance

Astrum, with all its knowledge about the green sector, gladly takes care of your garden. We give advice and maintain the garden, entirely to your wishes. This can be done according to fixed agreements or on demand. The work we carry out never leads to any surprises. We clearly inform you in advance of the costs involved.

Garden refurbishment

We are available all year round. As all-round gardeners with a green heart, we can take over many tasks professionally. Think of pruning, lawn or pond maintenance, a thorough overhaul or for example fighting pests and diseases.
We take care of soil improvement and provide fertilisation advice if necessary.

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Garden Maintenance

Maintenance work keeps your garden in top condition

A large or small garden? It doesn't matter to us. It needs to be maintained. So that you can optimally enjoy it. This can be done on a one-off basis or on a regular basis. We tailor the maintenance exactly to your wishes. This way, we ensure that the garden is in top condition every season.

Our garden work and maintenance

We can perform the following work in terms of garden maintenance:

  • Maintenance of hedges and shapes pruning
  • Shrub and plant maintenance
  • Maintenance of perennials
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Weeding
  • Tree pruning
  • Pruning of fruit trees
  • Guiding and pruning climbing plants
  • Fertilising and soil improvement
  • Fighting diseases and plagues
  • Pavement maintenance
  • Winter maintenance
  • Pond maintenance

To us, the size of a garden maintenance assignment does not matter. We are just as happy to drop by to prune a few roses as we are to take care of the total maintenance of your garden.

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Garden Maintenance

Choice of garden maintenance forms

Astrum offers three different types of maintenance arrangements.

One-off maintenance

In a single maintenance we come to you once, on a quotation basis or on a time and materials basis.

Maintenance contract

With a maintenance contract, we provide tailor-made garden maintenance. We make clear agreements about this in advance. This way, we know exactly what the expectations are.

Service contract

In this case, Astrum maintains your garden on time and materials basis. During a season we discuss what needs to be done and when. This keeps you in control of the desired garden maintenance and therefore the costs.

Whatever form of maintenance you choose, we provide tailor-made advice. This is tailored to your personal wishes. The costs and activities we carry out are clear in advance.

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