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Green façade

A green façade is good for the environment, has a great appearance and offers many other benefits. Actually it is remarkable that we rarely see them in the Netherlands. For both individuals and companies, this is a great solution.

Advantages of green walls

Green walls are perfect for keeping heat outside. It prevents heat stress in the urban environment, because the heat does not enter the constructional facade. It also increases biodiversity and helps to capture fine dust.

Groene gevel, Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

Groene gevel, Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

You desire a

Green façade?

You desire a

Green façade?

Paradise for all creatures

We can match the choice of plants to the characteristics of the building, the surroundings and the desired appearance. With the right plants, it is a paradise for bumblebees, bees and butterflies.

Maintenance of the green façade

Green fingers are not required for maintenance. We will be happy to give you the necessary tips and advices. Would you rather not have to worry about it? Then we will arrange the maintenance for you.

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