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Wil je rustig nalezen wat je zelf zoal kunt doen om ook jouw tuin klimaatbestendig te maken? Download dan ons gratis E-book hierboven!

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Climate-proof garden

Living in green environment has many advantages. A green, natural garden is a nice place to be. For homeowners, an additional advantage is that a house with a beautiful garden and in a green environment is quickly worth more. Green gardens also contribute to the fight against flooding in our country. You make your garden 'climate proof'. People also feel much better in a green environment, and not only that, all kinds of species such as bees, butterflies, dragonflies, hedgehogs and birds also benefit from it.

Maintenance of the garden

Are you not a fan of gardening? A low-maintenance green garden requires no more time than a tiled one. It is common knowledge that people want a home with a garden. A private place to enjoy and relax after a long day at work. The idea is often better than the reality. The wrong approach or design means that people discover that a garden requires maintenance. Unfortunately, many people choose to pave the garden even more or even completely. In practice, however, this is counterproductive.

Klimaatbestendige tuin, Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

Klimaatbestendige tuin. Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

Do you want a

Climate-proof garden?

A green garden with low maintenance

A garden with room for greenery and plants is no more expensive or laborious than a garden that is largely paved. It is all about choosing the right plants. With the right measures, every garden can be transformed into a oasis of peace for nature and people. A garden that is not only beautiful but also contributes to a better climate.

Climate in the garden

When you think of the garden and being outside, you obviously think of rain. Climate change has resulted in heavy rainfall, causing problems with drainage and in streets. Longer dry spells mean that we want to retain water. More often it is too dry, too wet and too hot. The presence of greenery, trees and plants counteracts damage to the atmosphere. Greenery provides coolness and a planted soil has a better water-storage capacity than stones and concrete during extreme precipitation.

The climate is changing, now let's do something about your garden.

Swap stone for green. Turn your garden into a beautiful, climate-resistant garden.
Fewer tiles in the garden, the fewer the better, of course taking into account sufficient living space. A terrace to sit on and easy access to the shed is most convenient.

Improving biodiversity

It is common knowledge that our country has less and less space for birds, butterflies and insects. Many species of bees, butterflies and dragonflies are threatened with extinction. A little green in every garden is enough to save them. Plants provide food for birds, butterflies, bees and insects. In this way, biodiversity improves.

Your contribution to the climate

Do you want a natural garden and to contribute to a climate-proof environment? A garden that contributes to biodiversity and is pleasant to be in? We are happy to think along with you!

Think of a completely new, natural living garden, but of course also of the simpler changes, such as disconnecting your rain pipe, placing a water reservoir and creating an infiltration zone.

Would you like to read through what you can do yourself to make your garden climate proof? Then download our free E-book above!

Do you want a

Climate-proof garden?

Disadvantages of a paved garden

A 'densely' paved garden has a number of disadvantages. A short summary: the purchase of all materials and their processing is more expensive than a green garden. Maintenance is also more expensive in the long run. In a paved garden, greenery also grows between the joints and along the edges. Maintaining it takes time and energy. Removing it by using chemicals that end up in our drinking water is not a solution.

Repaving is also a cost that has to be taken into account. In the Netherlands, paving simply subsides. A garden full of paving does not bring life to the garden, such as butterflies, birds and other cute creatures. On hot days, the temperature rises extra due to the surface of the paving. The garden looks the same in summer and winter and will have little appeal in a short time after it has been laid.

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