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Garden renovation

A new garden is difficult to imagine in advance. Often you know that it is necessary, or that you want something different. But what do you want? And how are we going to achieve that?

Ideas for garden renovation

An important first step is to write down what you have in mind. Don't rule out ideas straight away; also write down things you would like to do but that you don't think you can.

Renovating your garden is in good, green hands with us. In consultation with you, we map out your wishes and realise the perfect garden.

Tuinrenovatie door Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

This way, you will already have a better idea of what your wishes and needs are. This so-called preliminary work prevents problems and misunderstandings in the entire process, from design to implementation and also maintenance. A good start is half the work.

Wish list for your new garden

To structure your thoughts about your garden, it is possible to go through several wish lists. If you find it difficult to fill in the list, just read it and look for some images that appeal to your imagination.

You can download the garden wish list here.

Tuinrenovatie door Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

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Garden Renovation?

Inspiration for a new garden

Find, cut, tear and print images. Make a simple collage of them with some notes. Perhaps family members and possibly other users of the garden can do the same.

If there are several wish lists, keep them next to each other. This can give you some wonderful ideas. By looking at them and talking about them, you will immediately gain more insight into the final design of your new garden.

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