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Green Craftsman

Landscapers are trained to be green craftsmen. We also want to convey this. To apply our knowledge by making your garden and the outdoor space green and sustainable.

The starting point is that the combination of the greenery with everything the garden has to offer literally and figuratively creates life in the garden. By choosing the right flowers and plants, for example, butterflies and bees will emerge.

Groene Vakman nodig? Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

Climate-proof garden

The green craftsman goes a step further than the 'ordinary' gardener.
It is not just about the construction or maintenance of a new garden.

Looking for a

Green Craftsman?

They consider the possible contribution of the garden to a climate-proof environment. A garden that contributes to biodiversity and is pleasant to stay in.

It may involve a new garden, but also more simple changes to an existing garden. Think of disconnecting your rain pipe, installing a water reservoir and creating an infiltration zone.

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