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A natural garden

We are more and more aware that greenery has an important function. Green is important in relation to our health and the quality of our living environment. Why not extend those functions to the garden?

Green craftsman

Landscapers are trained to be green professionals. We do this by applying our knowledge to design your garden and outdoor area in a green and sustainable way. The starting point is that the combination of greenery with everything the garden has to offer literally and figuratively creates life in the garden.

Natuurlijke tuin. Astrum tuin en groenprojecten

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Natural Garden?

Biodiversity in the garden

The presence of animals in particular is a good signal of successful biodiversity, especially in the urban landscape. A large variety of fragrant and colourful plants with lots of nectar is attractive to butterflies and bees. An alternation of high and low greenery provides shelter. The hedgehog rustles its way to food and shelter. And the singing of birds is not far away.

Do you want a

Natural Garden?

Playful water element

The pure rainwater from the roof does not have to go into the sewer, but can form a playful water element in the garden. Greenery provides coolness on a hot summer day. A living garden invites children to come out and play and experience nature.

And here's another idea: Nothing tastes as good as strawberries from your own garden. The living garden therefore is a useful garden which is also beautiful.

 The living garden

The living garden continues to develop itself, is not immediately ready and is never finished. The living garden is both a product as well as a living concept. The living garden is an exciting environment.

The living garden is bursting with variation. There is much to experience. The greater the variation, the more it helps nature and the environment.

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